Monday, 28 February 2011

TOTAL FEAR and KING EVIL hit the mart!

Underground comics doth ruled at the Glasgow QMU Comic Mart!
Many of Glasgow's best small press denizens were there, as well
as the new Wasted 7, complete with "Vampire Vixens"!

Present on the day were many comic scene stalwarts, including
Jamie Grant, Dave Alexander, Lex Ronald, Rob Miller and Shug!
At our table were two other underground comic book veterans,
Adam Smith (Khaki Shorts) and Chaos Alexander (Mimi & Auu).

A big shout out to all the Comics Corner artists who attended
and made the day a great one, with many splendid moments!

Total Fear sold well, as did Curt Sibling's new comic "King Evil".
A fantasy humour romp that will definitely be getting a sequel!

Roll on the Glasgow Comic Convention on June 18th!

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