Sunday, 17 June 2012

Glasgow Comic Con 2012!

Total Fear 5 and King Evil 2 will be on sale at the 2012 Glasgow Comic Con on 30th June - 1st July this year. The table shall be  shared with ChaosAlexander with "Mimi and Auu" comic, so expect (as Craig Collins would say) some pure "Aunt Mayhem"!

Also, King Evil 2 has been nominated for two of the SICBA (Scottish Indie Comic Book Award) prizes, including the very awesome Alex Ronald cover shown above! Here's hoping KE wins something...:)

Attending the GCC will be other amazing underground people, like Rob Miller and Adam Smith (Braw Books and Khaki Shorts), the legendary Mr Dave Alexander (MacBam Bros), and Mr Eddie Murphy (not the actor!) publisher of "Rose Black" and "Freedom Collective"... The inker of both those excellent comics was none other than Mr Colin Barr, who inked the cover of Total Fear 5!

So head along if you got the time and ticket fee...
It promises to be a braw two days indeed! :)

Still Alive!

It's been quite a few months since I updated the TF blog, but here's an update on what has been going on! Due to "King Evil 2" comic being produced, and the pencil work on "McReptile" comic, Total Fear has been on the back burner. Has there been zero Total Fear activity? Not so!

Since Feb 2012, there has been a HUGE Total Fear graphic novel being drawn, called "Baphomet's Stolen Star". This is a full-scale adventure, with less emphasis on comedy and more like the 1970s weird/horror/adventure from "Eerie" or "Metal Hurlant". "Stolen Star" should be of interest to anyone who enjoys epic SF or fantasy comics...Look out for it in 2013...

Finally, "Total Fear" will return sometime this year with a new series of tales - Featuring Duke, Zooma, Coyo, Lucy and a host of other characters in an adventure to find the "Temple of Divine Ascension"...Stay tuned!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Total Fear 5 Available Now!

At long last, TF5 is complete!

Featuring an amazing cover job by Mr Colin Barr and
Mr Jamie Grant! The best looking Total Fear ever!

I got the latest edition of Total Fear onto lulu this morning.
It's been a real saga getting this together, mainly slowed
up by my working on other comics along the way, etc.

The new issue features criminal misadventures with Nadia,
and her malcontent sidekick, Heinz. Also appearing is Lucy,
who meets the "Phantom Wrestler", a new character!

I heartily recommend you check it out if possible.
I sell the zine at cover price, no profits, just comics!

Get TF5 here!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Amazing Bapho Artwork!

Once again, mega-talented artist, Miss Bhansith has blown
out minds with this tremendous painting of Baphomet! Her
previous image of Iyak Zakak totally ruled, and it was great
to see the powers of good being represented now too!

Check out this artists amazing work here:

Artwork Previews From Total Fear 5!

Total Fear numer 5 is almost complete! With just a few pages to go,
the new comic will be ready by October, just in time for halloween...
How cheesy is that? So in the TF blog tradition, here are some sneak
previews of interior artwork from the comic...Enjoy!

Below: The opening page of "Welcome, Princess of Heck".

Below: The first page from "No Wrestle for the Wicked".

Below: The opening page from "The Cosmic Cosplayers".

Stay tuned! The latest insanity will be here soon!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Mind-Warping Mary Lou Fanart!

Here's an awe-inspiring view for mere mortals!

Total Fear's resident squid-worshipper, Miss
Mary Lou, and her patron god, Shabash! This
masterpiece was drawn by the super talent,
Mr Ravensdojo on Deviant Art! Incredible!

We are sure what is going on here is all very
platonic and part of some sacred ritual...Yep!

Be sure to check him out on his gallery page!

Monday, 4 April 2011

New Total Fear Artwork!

As we work hard to get the latest Total Fear
comic completed, we felt like uploading this
new portrait of the hot shamaness, Roza!

More news about TF5 as it happens!

Jamming with Jimmy D!

We were lucky enough to have Mr Jim Devlin
ink a pic of Heinz and Nadia for the upcoming
Total Fear 5...The man is a marvel with a pen!

Monday, 28 February 2011


Check out this splendid artwork by the highly talented artist,
Miss Alex McCarthy! It's a portrait of that inter-dimensional
super-villain, Iyak Zakak! Awesome levels are off the scale...:)

Many thanks for this mind-warping and wonderful work! :D

Total Fear 5 hits the planet this summer! Stay tuned!

TOTAL FEAR and KING EVIL hit the mart!

Underground comics doth ruled at the Glasgow QMU Comic Mart!
Many of Glasgow's best small press denizens were there, as well
as the new Wasted 7, complete with "Vampire Vixens"!

Present on the day were many comic scene stalwarts, including
Jamie Grant, Dave Alexander, Lex Ronald, Rob Miller and Shug!
At our table were two other underground comic book veterans,
Adam Smith (Khaki Shorts) and Chaos Alexander (Mimi & Auu).

A big shout out to all the Comics Corner artists who attended
and made the day a great one, with many splendid moments!

Total Fear sold well, as did Curt Sibling's new comic "King Evil".
A fantasy humour romp that will definitely be getting a sequel!

Roll on the Glasgow Comic Convention on June 18th!

Monday, 6 September 2010

Total Fear Comics Reloaded!

Recently, Lulu increased their prices on US comic size items via
their site, so in order to keep our prices sane, Total Fear zines
have been recreated at the US trade paperback size, and now
cheaper at £1.81 - Compared to the US comic size of £2.97.

Here's the smexy new covers for the US paperback editions.
Check out the Lulu link see our list of insane comic chaos!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Total Fear Appearing in VIOLENT Number 18!

The superb online comic "Violent" has just been released,
featuring some very nicely drawn adventures and a whole
ton of mayhem! These awesome guys also gave a space
for a recent Total Fear tale "Scuffle of the Titans"...!

"Violent" is a really impressive work of comic work,
showing that the underground has plenty of talent.
It's downloadable as a PDF, and worth the bandwidth!
Check it out here: VIOLENT ISSUE 18

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Total Fear Collection Five is underway!

After a break due to freelance work and other projects,
Curt Sibling is starting to bring together material for
the latest attack against sanity and good taste, TF5!

With new material by Tiberius McGregor, and maybe
some other master comic artists from Glasgow, this
issue promises to be the best so far...!

It will feature the adventures of new Total Fear
"bad girl", Nadia, and her cretinous accomplice,
Heinz...Crooks who use magic to fail badly!

At the top of this post, you can see some really
spectacular artwork from Mr Jed Raven, who
very kindly created this pin-up of Nadia...!

He has set a high benchmark for the quality
of the art for this issue, and we fully intend
to live up to it...More info soon!

Total Fear madness in Wasted Issue 5!

Yes! Those crazy men at Bad Press have ran not one, but two
crazy "Total Fear" comic tales in this latest issue of Glasgow's
most overground underground magazine! These strips feature
Nemi-parody "Meeni" in "There's Norway Out!", and also the
TF gods, Baphomet and Shabash in "Scuffle of the Titans".

Previous issues of Wasted also feature various Total Fear
strips from earlier epochs...Some coloured by experts!
Go to: for more details!

Check your newsagent and see if they stock "Wasted" comic!
And if not, demand to know why! :D

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Total Fear Collection Four OUT NOW!

After a seeming eternity, Total Fear's 4th comic is now unleashed like an enraged squid! Featuring new characters and an expanded size, this is the most radical issue yet! Great stories, and special guest artwork from some of Scotland's finest underground comics creators, TF4 is a unique breed of horror, humour and madness! Check out Lulu for more details!

Artwork Previews From Collection Four!

With Total Fear Collection Four now out, we thought it would chipper to show some previews of the comic artwork! We think these are our most dynamic pages so far, what with the skills of the incredible Tiberius McGregor on board and all! Check out these sneak peeks!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Art Of Gibson Quarter!

Inker and gun for hire, the very talented Gibson Quarter 
penned this spectacular magical battle between Total Fear
characters, Roza and  Shard, with colours by Curt Sibling. 

Our thanks to Craig for such a super job!

Check out his amazing page at DevArt!

Goddess Rising!

The very talented Miss Alex McCarthy created this 
incredible image of Total Fear's goddess, Baphomet.
We are delighted to showcase this awesome work!

Please check out Alex's brilliant creations at DevArt!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Introducing Mr Andy Lee!

Andy Lee, a very capable artist from Deviant Art, has
created this scary image of Total Fear baddie, Shard
along with a rather unfortunate gal, who is about to
get a crash course in extra-dimensional mysticism!

We want to thank Andy for this killer art!

Be sure to  check out his page on DeviantArt!

The Power Of Xingxinghau!

Glasgow Based artist, Xingxinghau has kindly created the
terrific artwork above of the new TF super-villain, Shard! 
We are honoured to showcase it here on the blog...

Check out his ass-kicking visuals at DeviantArt!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Just thought we would let you see a sneak peek at the back

cover for TF Collection Four...Page previews coming soon!

Total Fear reviewed on The Comic Journal!

Total Fear had the honour to be mentioned along with various other

underground comics like "Khaki Shorts", "Nexion" and "Wasted" in

a recent article on The Comics Journal!  Check it out here!

It was entitled "The New Scottish Underground" and is a good

read if you want a handle on what is hot (or not) right now in

Scots comics. We're glad to say TCJ  considers Total Fear to be  

in the "hot" category, using the term: 'utterly endearing'...!

Many thanks to Gavin Lees for his great article and for helping

highlight the best players and aspects of Scottish small press! 

Monday, 4 January 2010

Collection Four Coming In Spring 2010!

It's been a busy winter, and we are pulling out all the stops to get 

Total Fear Collection Four ready and available. It will feature a new

halftone artwork format and an extra comic strip, this book may

well be the best looking issue yet. Here's hoping you all agree!

Monday, 5 October 2009


Hot from the dimensional gateways!

Featuring all Total Fear material to date...
Cosmic mischief awaits the reader of
this collected compendium of chaos!

With an eye-catching new cover, featuring
Total Fear girl, Mary Lou! Also has new
upgraded versions of many comic strips.

Check out "Tentacles of Doom" and
many other products our Lulu page!

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Total Fear at the Underground Overkill!

On the 22nd of August 2009 there shall be a gathering of Scottish underground cartoonists at Deadhead Comics in Edinburgh. Many indie publishers and artists will be there, along with their latest comic offerings! Don't miss it!

Guests include the following creative powerhouses!

  • Dave Alexander (Viz, Macbam Brothers)
  • Jim Stewart (Ganjaman)
  • Curt Sibling (Total Fear, Nexion)
  • Dave Gordon (MyExcess, Derna)
  • Rob Miller (Khaki Shorts, Wasted)
  • Adam Smith (Khaki Shorts)
  • John Miller (Secret Agent Comics)
Come along and support the new comics underground!

Deadhead Comics,
27 Candlemaker Row,
Edinburgh, EH1,
0131 226 2774

Details can be found here at the Scottish Cartoonists Society!

Total Fear Collection Three Reviewed!

The amazing Terry Hooper at Comic Bits Online had this to say:

"Am I sad to really like this cover? Very nicely done. As this is the Global Meltdown Special what can one expect?

Well,it opens with “Loa The Tone” and that first panel with Baron Samedi [oh go on,google the name!], looks great. And a nice ending, but the art does it for me - And good use of grey tone.

“Rotten To The Cortaz” is just as good and I think the last time I enjoyed humorous horror tales had to be in 1987 with Steve Lines’ Creepy Stories zines. And as for the current economic “downturn”, I think it adequately explained by “Financial Slimes”!

Zander provides “Armageddon On Campus” and Iyak Zakak returns and asks that very important question on all our minds: ”Why are you sorcerors always naked?” And if you are a Star Trek [The Original Series] fan then you’ll love Tiberius McGregor’s take on the genre in “Total Trek”!

There is,of course, ”Convention-Hall Warfare” by Sibling - Ah, some very unusual fan-boy/thing geeks. All rounded off by a great illo crediting Zander and McGregor, who I had no idea were actually Count Zander and Lord Tiberius McGregor. Wow.

I would wax lyrical but the art is nice, the quality of printing is good and, natch,there’s that cover [a t-shirt design if ever there was one].


Once again, our thanks to Terry and CBO!

Total Fear is avialable at

Total Fear Collection Two reviewed...

Comic Bits Online very kindly reviewed the 2nd issue!

They had this to say...
"Nice cover to Collection Two but let’s get to the interior pages! Hey, in new comic style tradition, Mr Sibling gives us a “list of players” in his latest work. Why not? “Abra-Disaster” is quite good fun with its intermediary villain, Iyak Zakak, and when the evil Lord Shabash does turn up it provides for a humorous ending. Oh, and the women lose their clothes - Kids: it is what happens when you mess with the dark forces. Word.

“Big Game!” has another warning. Never get into a van and go driving over dangerous mountain roads or you could end up being hunted by some undead creep who thinks he/it is a big game hunter - See,that’s where the title comes in. Oh,and the women lose their clothes.

We’ve all heard of Sergeant Rock, but how about General Snider? Oh, yeah. DC war comics were never like this. When a “terrorist threat” is spotted, Snider “pumps up” and goes into action. Things go a little off plan and Snider runs foul of the Secretary of Defence. Oh, and the women lose their clothes.

“Let’s Talk About Feelers”..yes. erm. A dire warning against misusing mysticism,the delights of Sapho and tentacled things. Oh, and the woman..DOESN’T lose her clothes??! What??

“Not Playing Pharoah”. Who needs to watch “Blood From The Mummy’s Tomb” when you have this? And for once a young lady asks why she is without clothes? Right on,Sister!

“Cosmic Board Games” I’m not going to tell you about because, if you are over 18, you MUST buy this book.

I should point out,though, that this is a very humorous book and that Curt Sibling is joined by Zander [”Snider Takes Command”, which looks like grey-toned colour work?] and Tiberius McGregor [”Let’s talk about Feelers”]. And I must not forget Jimmy D! I think I’ve already said that Sibling is one of my favourite artists and I love that Underground feel to the art and the stories are pure anarchic fun. The “busy” art of Sibling with cross-hatching, line shading and so on is eye-catching - no computer here!

Saying this is an Underground style comic may make people think I mean it’s very American. It is not. I don’t think U.S. readers would have a problem reading and understanding it, but it is uniquely British [in the sense that we English always like to pull anything good under that banner]. Contact Curt and find out how much a copy costs but you really do have to buy one issue - Better than reading a Marvel or DC comic!"

Our thanks go to Terry Hooper at CBO!

Total Fear is avialable at

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Total Fear Collection Three on
Get it now while there is still an economy!

A kickass 28-page black and white comic in the
American-sized format, with a full-colour jacket.

Previews from Collection Three!

Total Fear can be bought in Avalanche Records in
Glasgow, and from Deadhead Comics in Edinburgh.

For Total Fear and our other comics, click here!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Is now on - "
Well, bless my tentacles!"
The orignal 28-page black and white comics are now
in American-sized format, with a full-colour jacket.

They can be downloaded too, but hardcopy rocks!

"Total Fear Collection One"

"Total Fear Collection Two"

Support underground comics and grab a copy!