Sunday, 19 July 2009

Total Fear Collection Three Reviewed!

The amazing Terry Hooper at Comic Bits Online had this to say:

"Am I sad to really like this cover? Very nicely done. As this is the Global Meltdown Special what can one expect?

Well,it opens with “Loa The Tone” and that first panel with Baron Samedi [oh go on,google the name!], looks great. And a nice ending, but the art does it for me - And good use of grey tone.

“Rotten To The Cortaz” is just as good and I think the last time I enjoyed humorous horror tales had to be in 1987 with Steve Lines’ Creepy Stories zines. And as for the current economic “downturn”, I think it adequately explained by “Financial Slimes”!

Zander provides “Armageddon On Campus” and Iyak Zakak returns and asks that very important question on all our minds: ”Why are you sorcerors always naked?” And if you are a Star Trek [The Original Series] fan then you’ll love Tiberius McGregor’s take on the genre in “Total Trek”!

There is,of course, ”Convention-Hall Warfare” by Sibling - Ah, some very unusual fan-boy/thing geeks. All rounded off by a great illo crediting Zander and McGregor, who I had no idea were actually Count Zander and Lord Tiberius McGregor. Wow.

I would wax lyrical but the art is nice, the quality of printing is good and, natch,there’s that cover [a t-shirt design if ever there was one].


Once again, our thanks to Terry and CBO!

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