Sunday, 19 July 2009

Total Fear Collection Two reviewed...

Comic Bits Online very kindly reviewed the 2nd issue!

They had this to say...
"Nice cover to Collection Two but let’s get to the interior pages! Hey, in new comic style tradition, Mr Sibling gives us a “list of players” in his latest work. Why not? “Abra-Disaster” is quite good fun with its intermediary villain, Iyak Zakak, and when the evil Lord Shabash does turn up it provides for a humorous ending. Oh, and the women lose their clothes - Kids: it is what happens when you mess with the dark forces. Word.

“Big Game!” has another warning. Never get into a van and go driving over dangerous mountain roads or you could end up being hunted by some undead creep who thinks he/it is a big game hunter - See,that’s where the title comes in. Oh,and the women lose their clothes.

We’ve all heard of Sergeant Rock, but how about General Snider? Oh, yeah. DC war comics were never like this. When a “terrorist threat” is spotted, Snider “pumps up” and goes into action. Things go a little off plan and Snider runs foul of the Secretary of Defence. Oh, and the women lose their clothes.

“Let’s Talk About Feelers”..yes. erm. A dire warning against misusing mysticism,the delights of Sapho and tentacled things. Oh, and the woman..DOESN’T lose her clothes??! What??

“Not Playing Pharoah”. Who needs to watch “Blood From The Mummy’s Tomb” when you have this? And for once a young lady asks why she is without clothes? Right on,Sister!

“Cosmic Board Games” I’m not going to tell you about because, if you are over 18, you MUST buy this book.

I should point out,though, that this is a very humorous book and that Curt Sibling is joined by Zander [”Snider Takes Command”, which looks like grey-toned colour work?] and Tiberius McGregor [”Let’s talk about Feelers”]. And I must not forget Jimmy D! I think I’ve already said that Sibling is one of my favourite artists and I love that Underground feel to the art and the stories are pure anarchic fun. The “busy” art of Sibling with cross-hatching, line shading and so on is eye-catching - no computer here!

Saying this is an Underground style comic may make people think I mean it’s very American. It is not. I don’t think U.S. readers would have a problem reading and understanding it, but it is uniquely British [in the sense that we English always like to pull anything good under that banner]. Contact Curt and find out how much a copy costs but you really do have to buy one issue - Better than reading a Marvel or DC comic!"

Our thanks go to Terry Hooper at CBO!

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